Saturday, June 10, 2006

More of the Same

An update on the outfit mentioned below...I'm working on the sweater now. I was going to do a faux twinset, the kind with the cropped and tied outer "shrug". However, while draping on my mannequin I decided to forego this style and do an asymetrical, one-sided wrap atop the shell instead. It will cross the body and attach into the side seam on the other side. Cropped and slightly lettuce-edged. Just something a little different. Different is good.

It will be embellished with folk art flowers and primitive hand-embroidery. I just love felted wool work and have always wanted to embellish a sweater with such. A similar batch of flowers will ramble on the bottom band of the skirt as well. The flowers are roughed out right now. I have yet to detail and refine their shape and embellish with embroidery.

The outfit is turning out SOOO much cuter than these pics show. The sweater knit has some subtle threads of yellow, blue, green, brown, etc. but they were picking up the light and causing a terrible glare. It's going to be difficult to capture in the Ebay auction photographs.

Happy Thread Trails to You!


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