Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why Seam Rippers Rule

I just finished a set. It had several incarnations before it took its final form below. The little cropped top originally had a set of narrow double ruffles. However, they were so narrow and so full that they ended up sticking straight out like one of those really stiff ballet tutus. NOT the effect I was hoping for. Even top-stitching those babies down had no effect. So with the aid of my handy-dandy seam ripper, off they came. Next I tried just one ruffle, a little wider this time. Still didn't like the look. On such a full and hippy skirt not even a thin-as-a-rail toddler needs that much bulk on their bum. So again, out with the seam ripper and off with the ruffle. I settled on a tailored band. The third time's a charm because this time I was happy. The band sitting atop the skirt almost gave the appearance of an old-fashioned vintage apron. Serendipity!


the bishop's wife said...

Hi Charity! Followed your link over from CHF to check out your new blog!

I have taken sewing classes but I cannot sew anything like you do. However, my mother in law, who is a wonderful seamstress said to me at the time..."Do not be afraid of the seam ripper. Use it when you need to. Do not keep going or the whole piece will be ruined. It is better to stop and tear out, then to have a piece that is not excellent in the end. All the best seamstresses love their seam rippers!"

By reading your post, it seems you would agree with her!! It is a hard lesson to learn for those of us who are beginners, but it is so true.

Your work is usual.

Welcome to the blogging world!

Chelsea said...

I am so glad you posted your blog over at CHF! I love it when you post pictures of our creations. Is there any way you can make a photo album for your blog and post pictures of all the things you make?