Saturday, May 27, 2006

Avoiding a Chore, Sharing a Passion

Today was one of those days where one is inclined to get into trouble. Too many things I should be doing, none of which I feel like doing. And what does one do when compulsion and indulgence clash? Well if one is like me, one finds many pointless things to do to distract the conscience and to stifle it into silence. And thus, this blog is born.

Well...that and my eldest son told me yesterday about reams of college students making reams of money out of their dorm rooms by pimping their budding businesses on internet blogs. Since my custom children's wear business has been going nowhere lately, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not sure how my verbal ramblings on an obscure blog buried in internet anonymity is supposed to make me prosperous, but evidently many are making their tuition payments by such, so here I am.

And lest this blog start off on such a totally lowbrow foundation, may I also assure the reader that a yet more worthy motive remains. I adore sewing. Truly, I do. I love to sew more than any other hobby or recreational activity I've tried. More than reading. More than bubble baths. More than baking. More than scrapbooking. More than interior decorating. Even more than eating chocolate. I'd even give up Diet Coke before I'd turn in my sewing machine. And I love to share my passion for sewing with others. Unfortunately, few who share my passion live close enough to enjoy it together. So I hope this blog will be a way for me to share my love of sewing with others.

And now I can no longer avoid the fact that lunch's sandwich makings really need to be put away, laundry needs done and there are bills to be paid. Maybe later I can tell you about the new fabric cuts that are awaiting for laundering amidst the boys' socks and the assorted soggy towels!

Many happy thread trails to you....


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