Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woman's Perogative To Change Her Mind

I've changed my mind on the petticoat for this jumper. One of the problems last time I made this dress was the weight of the skirt relative to the structure of the bodice. The petticoat and very full appliqued skirt really put a strain on the straps of the jumper.

Since I was going to make a peasant blouse for the jumper anyway, it dawned on me that I should make a peasant dress with full tiered skirt to serve as the petticoat and blouse all in one. This will be so much more comfortable than a very heavy skirt with its weight born only by thin straps (rather than a shouldered bodice). And the dress could be worn alone or with another jumper as well. It also will solve the problem I had last time with two very full skirts layered into the bodice seam join.

So...first thing tomm. morning I will join the skirt to the bodice and then cut out the underdress. I'm too tired to do anything more tonight and likely to make dumb mistakes. I will work on the beading and button embellishment while watching tonight's DVD. I think I'm in the mood for James Bond! Off to check the DVD shelves.


PS - Forgot to say what fabric I picked for the underdress. It's a country primitives print. Small mustard stars on black. Perfect to continue the country, primitive look of the dress.

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