Monday, September 01, 2008

Three Sister Skirts

I know I'm supposed to be starting on the Daisy Kingdom Coat today, but I forgot that I wanted to send three matching sister skirts along with the baby blanket below. I didn't want the siblings feeling left out! So I'm whipping up a size 5, 8 and a woman's size for the teen sister from this purple tweedish suiting fabric I had in my stash. The teen's skirt is below. The size 8 is almost done and the size 5, not yet started. Our eldest is coming out to spend the night so I'm not sure I'll get them done by tomm. I rarely get to see our college student these days. The rest of these skirts probably won't get done till Weds. pushing back gift mailing till Thursday, Which means the DK coat will have to wait till Thurs night!

Here's the teen skirt. I'll post the other two when I get them done. Each style is different, but all are made from the same fabric and will have the same beaded applique detailing. I will cut the applique into smaller floral elements for the younger girls' skirts so the detailing will be proportional.

I have used this pattern, Burda 3152, about four times now. It's a really great quick and easy, tried and true type pattern. Great for wardrobe basics. You can read my PR review here.


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