Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Switching Gears

I have been scheduled to substitute-teach for six weeks at our local Christian school where my youngest son attends. Filling in for one of the teachers' maternity leave. I wasn't expected to be needed until next week or the week after that. But I got the call to come in Monday. So I've been and will be teaching high school until probably the end of November. I'm willing to do it because the school has only a couple of us high school subs they can call on, but I'm reaalllllyyyyy not looking foward to it. It's going to put me behind on making my Christmas gifts this year big time.

Anyway, I'm going to try to continue to sew (and share my efforts with you) regardless. Even if I have to do the get up at 4am thing to do so. But if I'm a little quieter than normal, this is why.

I don't know how those of you who work full-time are able to manage that, your homes AND still find time to make all the gorgeous things I see on your blogs. Advice welcome! :) :)



Dawn said...

Wow, high schoolers. Have fun with that!!!

Advice on being productive? Just do a little every day. And cleaning house? Ba humbug!!!

Kat said...

Good luck, sewing sister! I don't know how full-time working moms do it. I sent two clearances out and am waiting for one to come back to send out the third one. It's been years since I taught at the high school level, and now I plan to sub at the elementary school (where my youngest is at). Just on Thursdays and Fridays when DH works from home, but I'm telling them I can work any time during the months of November and December. I'll probably regret it except when I get the paycheck.

Our sub rate is only $80/day, but they do give a $500 bonus for every 30 days worked. So I think it comes out to more like $110/day which is an acceptable rate in the long run. Our neighboring school district pays $110/day from the get-go.

dog training said...

6 weeks is long time

angie.a said...

Tiny increments, girl! 10 minute sewing spots are your friend. That's the only way I can get any major or complicated project done during the school year. That's why you see so many elastic waist skirts & easy knit tees on my blog, LOL!! I don't have time to put in a zipper or mess with linings. But I still want my "fix".

I hope you enjoy the high schoolers!! They are such a hoot. I love them. We're getting ready to change classes, and I'm sad just thinking about losing some of them. We're a medium-big school, so I'll likely never have (or see) many of them again. Sniff.