Monday, September 22, 2008

Back From a Quick Weekend Trip

I don't know how people who must travel for business do those quick 2-3 day trips. They're exhausting! My niece got married in Colorado this weekend. I flew from Alaska, traveling all Thursday night and arrived Friday morning. The wedding was Saturday. I flew back out very early Sunday morning and didn't get to bed till past midnight. Whew! It was a beautiful, casual-but-still-elegant outdoor wedding. And Candace looked absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't every bride?! :)

So...back to my sewing gig here. Here's the sewing line-up for this week:

1) Finish the Orange Coat and get it mailed off. Get my entry in for the PR Contest. To see all the darling entries so far, click HERE.

2) Because the contest ends Sept. 30th, I need to drop my other projects and quickly get together the other entry I had hoped to get listed. An appliqued dress for a girl at church. It will be somewhat similar to the Harvest Appliqued Dress. She was my model for that one and desperately wanted one for herself.

3) A set of burp cloths and matching breast-feeding cover-up for one of Casey's teacher's at school.

4) Finish the gray sweater outfit I was making for myself.

5) Finish a shirt I have about halfway completed for myself (will post on that one later). It's this Khaliah Ali pattern.

That's probably more than I will be able to get done for this week. A girl can always dream.


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