Thursday, July 03, 2008

Alphabet Adventures - "A is for A-Line"

I've decided to do something a little random on my blog for awhile. I've been a bit slow after my recent illness and finding it hard to tackle large projects without making bad errors due to mental fatigue and exhaustion. So I think I'm going to do some little things and keep it light and fun. I'm going to do an A-Z alphabet post series on small scale creative endeavors. Today is brought to you by the Letter "A"...

A is for "A-Line Vintage Wrap Skirt"

I found this vintage girl's pattern at a thrift store for .25. It was uncut! I decided to sew it up in a whimsical nautical whale print that has been floating around the online children's sewing world for awhile. It's a cute pattern that features two back pieces on either side of the front piece. It has a long waistband that slides through an opening on the side seams and then buttons around to the front. The waistband can be buttoned to a choice of front buttons to adjust the fit. Patch pockets feature top-stitching and red heart buttons. If I get ambitious I'll add some rickrack to the hemline. Here's where the skirt stands at the moment. I need to hem and do the waistband.

The skirt will be included in The Hundred Skirts Project. I'll buy a white or red tee to go with it. It's a size 7/8 depending on where one buttons the waistband.



Anonymous said...

Oh very pretty :)

I would suggest a red tshirt...hides stains better ;) Since Daisy is that age I happen to be fighting that constant battle lol.

Adding an applique of the whale surrounded by blue on the tshirt would be cute...and then I could learn another A ;)

Laura in VA

Sherril said...

That turned out very cute. If you're feeling really up to more, then I think it'd be very cute to steam-a-seam appliqué those whales across the front of the t-shirt. Maybe ZZ around to keep them on and paint water coming out the spouts.