Sunday, July 06, 2008

Alphabet Adventures - "D is for Doll Clothes"

This Sunday we bring you the letter "D" and some sweet doll clothes. An adorable little girl at our church had an American Girl birthday party earlier this year. At that time I was swamped with The Hundred Skirt project and the Sewing Party. So I'm just now getting around to making her the little outfit for her new doll that I wanted to give her. I was inspired to use bright, lollipop colors by these sweet little dolls at AllSorts. I've decided that doll clothes are deceiving. You think they'd sew up quicker because of the short little seams, but I find they take just as long as a child's item to sew. Sometimes they're even harder to manage, make and coax into shape BECAUSE of those tiny little seams, armholes, facings and such. This isn't the best picture. Not enough light yet this morning for a good shot and raining too hard to take it outside.

"D is For Doll Clothes"


Anonymous said...

It turned out adorable.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that tiny ric rac! Working with that would have twisted my fingers. Very nice gift.

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Hello, I just click over from another blog.. You were in there favorites! Now you are in mine!
I went over and visited you dad and mom trip too...what pictures to see... So now I will be checking back in to travel with them...what fun! Thanks for sharing your artwork! I will be back to visit you!
from the Heart of Texas!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! What a treasure!