Sunday, June 01, 2008

Safari Room Spruce-Up

Still sprucing up the former homeschool room. Yesterday I painted the side tables. They were really ratty looking. :) We will be getting new furniture in this room in a couple of years. Leather couches and cherry bookshelves/office center. But in the meantime, I want to make our cast-offs from other rooms liveable. :) The curtains are up next on the to-do list. I already have the animal print panels. They pull shut on rings and rods. But I want to make stationary side panels from the dragonfly faux silk-taffeta. I'm thinking about simply hemming them and then tying them in place on the rod with giant tassels and then letting them just puddle on the floor. The little lamp also needs a remake. I'd like to find a leopard print shade and then attach some black feather trim. We won't be painting for awhile yet, but I'm open to suggestions on wall color. I'm debating a chocolate brown. Adjoining foyer is a light brown with slightly olive overtones.



Anonymous said...

The room looks great!!! :) I have to ask...are any of the skins real? I admit when I see something like a zebra skin I think 'who on earth would buy that???' But then again I think maybe I've seen one too many red velvet rooms that just make my eyes hurt ;) They look so peaceful and balanced in your if they're the only thing you could have put there! :) :)

Certainly ready for company!!! :)

Praying for you to feel better!
Laura in VA

Carla said...

I just found your blog and must say I am enjoying your room makeover. It's looking smashing, especially when described as the "homeschool room".