Monday, May 05, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

I just spent the most enjoyable evening doing one of my favorite activities...papercrafting while watching a movie. I sometimes feel guilty just sitting and watching a movie. Wasting time and all that. And I love to papercraft, but find that I need a little more to occupy my mind. So, combining both meets my need to be productive and be mentally engaged while still relaxing. And I LOVED tonight's movie. If you haven't seen Dan In Real Life yet, it's definitely worth picking up at the local rental store. It's very sweet, funny, heart-warming, etc. The family in the movie is soooo quirky but appealing. You just yearn to step through the screen and into their home. They're like the Walton's for the next millennium. It's a true feel-good flick.

And here are the cards I made while watching it. They are made from recycled, thrifted greeting cards cut down to fit scrap envelopes I had on hand. Then I added scrapbooking papers, vintage children's Crazy 8 cards and victorian bluebird diecuts. They will probably go in my "gift stash" I like to keep on hand.

And here are two "friends" cards that are blank inside. These are also recycled greeting cards made over with scrapbook paper, rose die cuts (cut from greeting cards) and an image cut from the cutest 60s-era beauty school textbook.

And then I bundled them together with ribbon, silk rose, millinery leaf, a bit of organza and a cupcake topper ballerina.


Sharon said...

Absolutely darling! I have the materials to make cards but I just never make time to do it. You have definitely been providing a lot of inspiration for me to begin again. I usually trace or cut out patterns while watching I have something else to do. BTW, what type of glue do you use to secure your items to the cards?

papel1 said...

Nice to see you are still active with crafts etc. I found your blog by typing in Vintage Paper Blog in google. I knew it was you when I saw the name and the mention of Alaska. I am from one of your previous "groups"

CharityinAlaska said...

Yes, Judy, I absolutely remember you. I loved my time with POTP. Are they still listing together? Haven't been to Ebay in forever. I'm off to see your blog...