Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

Tuesday 6 women and 8 teenaged girls arrived at my home, sewing machines in hand, intent on sewing up a skirt storm! We set up machines and then sat down for a debriefing, a short devotional and prayer for both the girls sewing and the girls who would receive each skirt. When each understood their mission, it was time to cut. The cutting table quickly filled up and then we had girls, fabrics and pattern pieces everywhere! Down the hall, in the homeschool room, in the living room. It was a Layout and Cutting Minefield. Some of the girls had not had an opportunity to shop for fabric so they had a good time shlepping through my 700 yard fabric stash. A wide variety of fabrics were represented. There was a beautiful pink burn-out linen and an embroidered faux-sueded in a beautiful shade of turquoise. There were ladybugs and roosters and butterflies. There was a wonderful paisley print in warm tones, cut on the bias so it flowed beautifully. Pink and sage coordinating prints for a layered skirt. And a wonderful mottled denim blue with a bright calico. The floors quickly cleared up and the girls sat down at their machines. The room was soon humming. A constant line formed at the two ironing boards as the girls learned to do French Seams. Moms circulated the room, chasing toddlers, puzzling over instruction sheets and offering encouragement and assistance. After a break for some yummy munchies and lots of chatter, it was back to the machines and finished skirts soon began to come off the production line. Each was "introduced" to the crowd with appropriate oohhhs and ahhhhs and applause. We closed up shop in the late afternoon wrapping up the day with four finished skirts and four almost finished. I had a fantastic time.....and a sound night's sleep! LOL!!!!

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