Monday, October 15, 2007

Painting the Roses Red

Well...not really painting the roses red. More like painting the living room, dining room, hall and foyer a greenish-grayish-brownish clay color. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. :(

For years I've enjoyed the cottage, shabby chic look. I still adore the look, but found myself hungry for a change and wanting to give my husband a break from the froo-froo. So away with the buttercream yellow and on to a more organic, masculine "Harvest Brown."

Here's the Before Pic

And here's an After Pic - or at least part of the same wall. I have to remove that door topper to paint under it and I haven't quite figured out how to do that without damaging the wall yet. I think it was glued on! :(

I'll share more pics as things progress. Things are going slow. I absolutely detest the cutting in part of painting. You can see in the pic that I'm not done with cutting in near the door trim. I need to get a tiny, tiny paint brush in order to finish up. Watercolor size! I've tried the tiny sponge brushes and they're still too big to have enough control. I'm terrible at detail work. I'm much more of a designer and conceptualizer than the "do-er". I'm not very skilled at the home repair stuff. After I put away my brushes for the night, I moved on to trying to assemble a simple console table for the foyer. There are NO WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS! Just some vague sketches. Sigh.... This is sooooo not my thing, but I am far too impatient to wait until the husband gets home in a few days.


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Pamerla said...

Looks good! Enjoy the change.
Tony said I did a pretty good job on the cut work with that stupid popcorn ceiling of took awhile. I found that if I did a little dab, wiggle with my brush it went pretty quickly. I'll be home Thursday if you want me to come help ya! It would feel like a vacation, believe me!!