Sunday, October 07, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

I am having some fun with a couple of Fall paper cakes. They are still in progress in the pics below. The Pumpkin Fairy Cake is almost done. Just have to add in the text (haven't decided what saying to do yet) and add in the crepe paper ruffle around the bottom. Oh! And it will have a band of trim on both edges of the bottom paper band. The smaller square box still has a ways to go. Need to finish covering the sides, add text, crepe paper ruffle and final trims. After I finish these I have a box with pilgrim corn cob dolls I'm working on and then I hope to start on some more Christmas boxes. My first paper cake was a Christmas one (see below). I loved it, but I'm thinking the Pumpkin Fairy is going to be my new favorite as I just loved this little pumpkin Kewpie doll when I found her in an antique store. I haven't decided if these will go in our local boutique or my Etsy store yet.

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