Monday, October 08, 2007

Been Wanting to Make These Forever!

I have been wanting to make some of those adorable Victorian-style nutcups for the longest time! When I came across these German Thanksgiving diecuts on Ebay, I knew just what to do with them! I don't know for sure because the diecuts don't have a signature, but they look so much like the work of Ellen Clapsaddle. LOVE her sweet little children artwork from the Victorian era. These two are on Etsy, but I do hope to make some more.

I also have some wonderful German bluebird diecuts from the same time era and will be making some nut cups with them at some point. But will finish more Thanksgiving nut cups first since they're of a timely nature.

UPDATE: Ink was hardly dry on these and they sold already! Hope to list more in the next day or two!


jenny holiday said...

Ohhh these are too sweet!! Love them to bits and bits!! I hope you will be making lots more of these! Any for Christmas? :)

Best Wishes!
xoxo Jenny

CharityinAlaska said...

LOL! Yes, I hope to make more. As soon as I can! I have some 60s era wood ornaments that I've been saving to make nut cups with, but I need to find a bigger paper nut cup first to keep in scale with the ornament. Glad you liked them