Friday, September 14, 2007

The Oktoberfest Bummer...

I took a couple of young friends to Country Peddlers yesterday. It's a fun little antique and gift shop that is wedged into the basement of the proprieter's home. We had great fun browsing together. I came across an unusual item, a vintage Austrian Trachten/Dirdnl jumper. It was elaborately hand-embroidered and detailed. It was probably 60s era and in pristine condition. They were asking only $6.00 and because the store was going out of business, 30% off that! I noted what an amazing buy it was, but didn't pick it up. Afterall, what in the world would I do with a dirdnl? It's not exactly something I'd wear to church.

I came home that evening and on a lark, looked up vintage dirdnls on Ebay. They were selling from $49 to $129!! The prices were reflecting Oktoberfest just around the corner. And the high-ending ones weren't nearly as nice as the one in the store. So...this morning I ran back to the store intent on picking it up for $4.00 and making a quick $100! It had vanished! I searched for it before finally asking the store owner for its whereabouts. She said it had sold just about 30 minutes before I got there.


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