Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fabric Crush

I stopped into JoAnn's today to get some fiberfill to finish up some pillows. Stopping in at JoAnn's is always a risky endeavor on my part. I had good intentions of going straight to the stuffing and batting corner and then right back out again. But wouldn't you know it, store layout was such that I had to travel by the Clearance fabrics to get to the bags of fiberfill. And this little floral silliness caught my eye. Something about the color combo and the slightly whimsical nature of the motifs appealed to me. Made me smile. And of course, once I had snuggled that bolt under my arms (it was only $2 a yard!) I had to travel over to the regularly priced quilting fabrics to find a few coordinates! All in all, I only spent about $20 on 7.5 yards of fabric. I'm not sure what I'll make yet. I'm thinking a slightly funky little girl's dress. And the aqua dot definitely has to be a wren applique.

If you're wondering, I DID manage to remember the fiberfill! I really think there should be a law that JoAnn's has to dispense horse blinders at the door to all easily distracted patrons....


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Dawn said...

hmmm....I think I need to make a JoAnn run.