Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ever fall in love with your creations?

I have had sooo much fun puttering around tonight with a little Christmas box. I had come across a TON of vintage bump chenille at a thrift store. I picked up about 100 yards in various colors and still left about 3x as much behind for someone else. I had been wanting to make some reproductions of the vintage chenille ornaments of the 30-60s. So I was very thrilled to find this stash to get me on my way. I made a little pinecone santa and planted on top of a crackled painted box. Then I added in some snow, a bottle brush tree and 60s-era wooden ornaments. I just have to finish up the bottom of the box and the little details like trimming out the edges and text banners. I am simply LOVING how it's turning out. And the fun part is I think I have enough supplies to make a quantity of these. I'll post when I get them listed.

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