Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tweaking Things

I've been in one of those nesting moods. Doing lots of puttering around the house plumping pillows and tidying drawers. As I go I'm making a list of things that aren't working for me, things that grate on my nerves or corners that definitely need a touch of beauty. This is one of the things on my list...

This is a swing arm lamp in our bedroom. There is one on both sides of our bed. Our bedroom tends towards the romantic/victorian with a moss green, burgundy and black color scheme. My husband brought home and installed these lamps one day. While they function well on a logistical level, they are all wrong from a design point of view. They are too stark white for the room and stick out like a sore thumb. I've been meaning to make them over for some time and am ready to tackle these. I'll spray paint them black and then age them in some way. Then get new lampshades, add some tassel trim, etc. I'll post an "After" picture when I get done.

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