Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Food Ruts

Today was grocery shopping day. I've noticed that I tend to cruise down the aisles on automatic pilot, pulling the same-o, same-o tired items off the shelf. Which leads to cooking the same things over and over. Which leads to culinary apathy around here. In order to get out of my food rut, I've been making an effort to buy a couple of new-to-us items everytime I shop. So far I've tried leeks and made Leek Potato Soup. And I discovered sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil which I LOVE and have used in a variety of ways. And artichoke hearts, not particularly adventurous, but yummy on bagels along with the sun-dried tomatos and cream cheese. I recently picked up some mango chutney. Haven't a clue what to do with it yet, but I heard it's good on curry and we love chicken curry. At the same time I bought some tilapia. I know, I know...that trend has already come and gone, but we're not exactly on the cutting edge here in rural Alaska. Today I picked up some mix to make crab cakes and plan to give that a whirl later in the week.

Anywayyyyyy...I am OPEN to ideas here. Tell me about the weirder things on your grocery list and what you do with them. I am BORED with my shopping list!


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