Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doughnut Duty

A desire to spend time with my son combined with an urge to bake resulted in a doughnut-making session today. While my recalcitrant teen slept in, I popped the basic ingredients into the bread machine to make up the dough. I was in the mood for applesauce doughnuts, but since it'd been awhile since I'd made any kind of doughnuts, I thought I better stick to the basic recipe. Ninety minutes later, the dough was ready and it was time to drag sleeping beauty out of bed. It was, afterall, 1 p.m. and NO ONE is that tired or that ugly. We rolled out the dough and used our funky little doughnut cutter to make the rings. Thirty agonizing minutes waiting for the dough to rise and then...their final bath in hot oil and some cinnamon/sugar powdering down. Casey decided that they were worth the lost pillow time afterall.


Pamela said...

Maybe Casey has found his calling? Baker and donut maker!!

Em said...

Good job on the donuts Casey, they look delicious. Next time save some for me!