Friday, February 02, 2007

Chest Makeover

I LOVE junk store treasure hunting. One of my absolutely most favorite things to do. I especially love finding some old piece of junk and then dreaming up how to make it over. I finished this yesterday. It was a very primitive chest filled with spiderwebs and dirty. I cleaned it up, painted it Paris Pink. Then I decoupaged on some vintage music and 40s era wallpaper. I cut out some motifs from the wallpaper and decoupaged them on as well. And then sealed the whole thing with decoupage medium. I wanted to distress it a bit as the pink was rather bright and contrasted too much with the aged wallpaper. So after doing a bit of research I tried a dry-brushing technique. But decided I definitely don't like that look. So I'm selling this on Ebay and starting the bidding very low. Just at my expenses.

Decoupaged Chest
Decoupaged Chest

Here's another makeover project. I found this vintage hat for next to nothing because it had a large dent in it. I thought I might be able to steam it and reblock it into shape. No doing. Steamed the heck out of that baby and that dent was going nowhere! So I decided to go ahead and build a little bird nest in the dent. :)

Happy Creating!


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