Sunday, October 22, 2006

BDB Taboo Challenge

This little design was the result of the BDB Taboo Launch. For this "game" a buyer was paired with an Ebay seller. The buyer chose fabric that they loved (with their child in mind) and sent it to their seller, sending enough fabric for both the sample set and a custom auction. The seller then created an outfit for the buyer's child, but had to avoid 3 "taboo" design elements. My buyer was just a delight to work with and as you can clearly see, her little girl is a total showstopper! :) Love the big brown eyes. This princess chose from several design ideas I presented to her and settled on a long sleeve dress with a peplum effect and felted wool accents. I added in a few extra design elements (the collar and cuff) and the dress below was the end result.

Such great fun! It never ceases to amaze me what a difference there is between a design on a mannequin and the same design on a sweet little girl!


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