Monday, August 28, 2006

And now for a little fantasy...

I passed a very enjoyable evening working on a concept costume, a design entitled "Waning Autumn". I have had this piece of taffeta-ish polyester forever. I picked it up because, while too ugly for normal apparel, it had a theatrical look that seemed promising for costumes or perhaps a quilted evening coat. And so it became this tribute to the passing of autumn and the coming of winter.

I first spray painted some lace wedding appliques in a mix of gold and caramel. Then did the same with some silk leaves. These were arranged onto a ruched bodice and then covered with two layers of gold tulle. I then free-motion embroiderd with copper metallic thread. Further embellishment was done by hand using sequins, beads, pailettes, charms, etc.

The back of the dress is shirred with elastic thread to provide a snug fit for the strapless bodice. A dropwaist and balloon skirt give a slightly ballroom look to the design. I'm still working on the drape/front asymetrical strap.

The Autumn concept will mostly be carried in the over-the-top fascinator (still in progress) and in the silk flowers and weed corsage on the sash and oversized bow. I hope to get this listed by mid-week.


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