Sunday, July 30, 2006

A ScissorFest with Jeeves and Wooster

I get most of my movie watching done while cutting out new designs on our homeschool room floor. Last night I started another cutting session while watching An Unfinished Life (seemed an appropriate choice with which to start the next generation of Unfinished Objects). I scissored through a gorgeous pale pink and apricot brocade in a Jackie O-inspired cropped jacket with a slight nod to 40s era bedjackets. Great movie, despite the female lead being played by JLo. How could anything with Morgan Freeman go wrong?

Next, I put on Duma. A snoozer made for cat lovers, but since it was heading on into the a.m. hours, it was time to throttle back on the viewing material. I began the layout and cutting on two rather complicated flannel dresses in a size 4T. Three mixed prints of limited yardage which required a lot of planning as to which pieces could be cut from which fabric. I had to settle on two different designs. One is western-inspired with a cowboy shirt bodice, yoked and with a snap front. The skirt is full and tiered with a hem ruffle. The second has a deep puritan collar, button front bodice with pieced sleeves. The skirt will have gathered side panels from one fabric and the back and front panels from the second. Also features a hem ruffle.

This morning I rose at 6:30 am to finish up the cutting on the above designs. My movie of choice was BBC's Jeeves and Wooster. This is a great choice for lapwork or floorwork because the humor is almost all verbal. Dry, witty, intellectual British humor. Very fun. Since most of the humor is auditory rather than the typical American visual and physical slapstick, it can be enjoyed even when one's eyes must be directed elsewhere. The Jane Austen movies are a great sewing companion for the same reason. It took two episodes with Jeeves and Wooster to finish up the flannel dresses and it was time to wrap up the ScissorFest and prepare for church.

Hope your day is blessed! Happy thread tails to you!


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