Sunday, May 28, 2006

Overwhelmed by Choice

We had an escape at our house recently. No, not the hamster kind. Thankfully my sons are now safely past the small-pets-in-cages stage. This was the liberation of my fabric stash from their Rubbermaid incarceration. My thoughtful husband installed floor to ceiling shelves in my sewing room. Each shelf accommodates about 13 plastic baskets and each basket can hold 7-12 yards depending on the fabric weight. This means that almost all my fabrics are now in view. A view more breathtaking to me than our mountain-ringed valley. Even more awe-inspiring than a complete caramel cheesecake. I find myself standing in the middle of my sewing room and just staring at my stash in complete reverence. Five, ten, fifteen minutes can pass by and I'm still standing there, immobile, wondering how such a marvelous thing has come to pass. And it's all mine!! Incredulous! If my fabric stash could take on human form...(I'm sorry, dear)my husband would be in for some serious competition.

The only problem with a fabric stash in full display is that the mind's eye suddenly begins to spot dozens of combinations and possibilities that were obscured by their previous dependable, if somewhat mundane plastic Rubbermaid housing. Why had it never occurred to me that the sage green mini-check was a perfect mix with the Kaufman paisley? Or that the Civil War reproduction floral had the exact mauve background as the quilted twill I bought on that trip to Portland? Dozens of new designs are being conceived before my eyes and I am suddenly, completely, utterly overwhelmed by choice. When my fabric was hidden, life was simple. I worked with whatever fabric had been so fortunate as to have been chosen for a reprieve. But that ALL my fabric is unfettered, they call my name from their open shelving..."Pick me!", "No, pick ME!" I can hardly think for the voices of toile, gingham, florals, geometrics, flannels, satins, taffetas and metallics calling for my attention. It's like the siren song of Homer's Odyssey. I must strap myself securely to my serger to avoid being overwhelmed by their melodic temptations.

It's enough to make me reopen the Rubbermaid Alcatraz.....


PS - I'll add a picture of my Fabric Pantry soon!

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Pim said...

What fun! I hope you enjoy the unfettered voices of your farbrics, calling to be freed from their rubbermaid prisons!

If this gets out of hand, if the cupboards are bare and Casey is starving, just have him call. I'll bring him a meal and you a bucket of cold water to snap you out of it!


ps I think I have the number to UFVA, "unfettered fabric voices anonymous"