Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make - Idea Four

Here's Idea #4 in our series for Mother's Day. Make your mother a beautiful heirloom gift box. These are fun to embellish. Pretty much anything goes! To see all the Mother's Day gift ideas in this post series, click HERE

Materials Needed:

box with removeable lid
decorative papers, sheet music, ephemera, wallpaper, etc.
trims, pearls, beads, buttons, rickrack, buttons, etc.
ornaments for box top such as dolls, teacups, silk birds, florals, etc.

Step 1: Trace box bottom and lid top onto paper.
Step 2: Spray box with adhesive glue and adhere papers to top and bottom
Step 3: While glue is still active, wrap paper around box side overlapping ends. Trim off excess with scissors. Repeat with lid.
Step 4: Glue trim, pearls, ribbon, whatever onto box edges to hide paper joints.
Step 5: Arrange a decorative scene on box lid. I have used dolls, silk flowers, birds in nests, teacups, bottlebrush trees, paper cut-outs, etc. If desired, lightly mist with spray glue and sprinkle on glitter or faux snow.
Step 6: Add additional embellishments as desired.

Here are some past keepsake box creations. Some of them are seasonal, but could still give you ideas for Mother's Day.


sweetiepie said...

I have just found your blog and I absolutely love the things you do!!! The gift boxes are beautiful. You have a real talent. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely be back! Joyce in Iowa

Paula Gardner said...

Lots of great ideas, Charity. I'm thinking about making one of them for my sis. But I can't decide which one.