Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make - Idea Three

Dress up your Mother's closet with a beautiful garment hanger and/or cover. In addition to showcasing a gorgeous fabric, you can incorporate vintage linens as well. There are two versions shown here, a hanger with garment shoulder shield or a victorian lace decorative hanger. To see all the Mother's Day gift ideas in this post series, click HERE.

Garment Shoulder Cover Hanger

Step 1 - Procure a sturdy hanger. I get vintage ones at thrift stores very inexpensively. As you can see in this photo, I found these for a quarter each.

Step 2 - Spray paint your hanger if desired to match your intended fabric selection.

Step 3 - Trace around the hanger to create a pattern. Extend slightly over the ends of the hanger and then continue down another 3-5 inches to make a cover long enough to cover the top of a garment to protect it from dust. Mark an opening for the hanger at the top center. Cut out the pattern allowing 1/4 inch for seam allowance. FRUGAL TIP: I use vinyl wallpaper rolls for drafting craft patterns. I pick them up for about a dollar a roll. They don't tear and it's a ton of paper for the money!

Step 4 - Pin pattern to chosen fabric and cut out 4 pieces, a front and back and a lining front and back.

Step 5 - If desired, cut a vintage hankie, tea towel or corner of an embroidered tablecloth to fit the top curve of the hanger. See photo. Pin to the upper edge of the hanger front. Sew front to back using 1/2 seam allowance, stopping at marking for center opening where the hanger hook will slide through. Repeat with lining.

Step 6 - Place hanger cover and hanger cover lining right sides together, aligning edges. If desired, add a trim or ruffle at this point.Sew around bottom leaving a few inches opening for turning to right side. You could add a ruffle or piping to this seam at this time, if desired.

Step 8 - Turn hanger to right side. Press neatly, Whipstitch turning opening shut. Embellish as desired. Insert hanger. Tie a ribbon or tag around neck if desired.

Here's the first one I finished. I'm still working on a blue and pink shabby chic style hanger that I will add to this post as soon as I finish it.

Victorian Lace Hanger

Step 1 - For this gift you will need a padded satin hanger, a wide piece of decorative lace and various pearls, buttons, sequins, beads, satin roses, etc. for embellishment. Cut a length of lace long enough to wrap around the hanger.

Step 2 - Attach lace to satin hanger with tiny whipstitches.

Step 3 - Cover join with beads, sequins, ribbon roses, pearls, buttons, etc.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your tip about using vinyl wallpaper for pattern pieces is worth a million bucks!!! I have lots of that stuff just sitting around. I have been using heavy brown paper for my patterns but this truly will be so much better and so much more durable and long lasting.
By the way, I really love your pretty hangers. Thanks a bunch for the tutorial.

Vicki said...

These hangers are really cute. I think I just might make one for my mum!

Beth H said...

I love this! Thanks for the Mother's day ideas.

kelvin said...

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