Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make - Idea Two

I will be featuring ideas for Mother's Day gifts every day between now and Mother's Day, May 11th. This is Day 2. See posts below for Day One. Today I will be presenting ideas for making two types of sachets. One is made from a vintage glove and the other is paper-crafted. To see all the ideas in this Mother's Day post series, click HERE.

Victorian Vintage Glove Sachet

Step 1 - Procure a vintage glove. These are found in antique stores and boutiques for fairly reasonable prices. I've also found them on occasion in thrift stores.

Step 2 - Stuff the glove's fingers with fiberfill. Then pour in lavendar buds or your desired scent. Finish stuffing with fiberfill.

Step 3 - Hand whip the glove shut at the wrist edge with tiny stitches.

Step 4 - Embellish glove as desired with vintage corsages, millinery, pearls, costume jewelry, ribbon, tags, etc.

Papercrafted Envelope Sachets

Step 1 - Select vintage illustrations, papers, wallpaper, sheet music, etc. to use in papercrafting the sachet. For the ones above I chose to use neoclassical papers by Dover along with vintage illustrations from a children's book of japanese poetry. It seems like an odd combo, but it really worked. Cut your papers to fit the envelope front.

Step 2 - Using spray adhesive secure your papers to the front of the envelope. Embellish as desired.

Step 3 - Fill the envelope full of lavendar buds or your chosen scent. Seal shut.

Step 4 - Presentation, presentation, presentation. Tie a small pile of sachets together with a pretty wired ribbon and tuck in some vintage millinery. Or pile the sachets into a pretty floral hatbox. Add in some bath products for a nice "pamper me" gift set.


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