Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the final 103!

Here they all are in all their glory! Thanks to everyone who helped. You all have been exceedingly generous. I could not have completed this project without you. I will let you know when they have arrived at the orphanage and forward any communication received. Again, blessings to all. May your kindness be returned to you a hundredfold.

This photo doesn't really show just how many skirts there are. They are piled about six deep! You all did a great job! Everything is just beautiful.




Myra said...

Are you planning on doing this again? I found your blog and info on this at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

So glad that this project is complete. Thanks for doing this! Noreen (in NY)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the "100 Skirt Project!"

Love your haircut, by the way.


Melissa said...

That is fantastic! I just found your blog and a little sad I didn't know about the project so I could have participated. What a blessing to some many girls.

angie.a said...

That was such a wonderful project! I applaud you, and all of the contributors. I wish I had had time to help! :)

Daffodil Hill said...

Such a great, worthwhile project! Wish I could see the smiles on those young faces when they receive their new clothes. : ) Thank you for sharing this endeavor with us.