Thursday, April 10, 2008

1930s Paper Flower Garland

I am almost done with the decorations for Tuesday's Sewing Bee. This evening I finished this paper flower garland. The photos are not as pretty as I'd like's dark here in the evening in Alaska. :) But I hope you can see clearly enough to get the idea of how to make these. I will replace with better photos if I get the chance.

1930s Paper Flower Garland

Step One: Cut 4 inch circles from cardstock. Punch a lot of 2 inch hearts from pretty papers in 1930s-styled colors and prints.

Step Two: Place double-sided sticky tape in a square around the interior of the cardstock circle.

Step Three: Fold hearts in half and then unfold. You want them to be partially opened. Press onto the sticky tape having the points towards the center, but leaving about a 1-inch circle of cardstock exposed. The round tips of the heart should just extend over the outer circumference of the circle. Each heart should slightly overlap the next. I like to alternate color prints with text or illustrations punched from vintage children's books.

Step Four: Pat the flower lightly with the palm of your hand. You want to secure the hearts and flatten them slightly while still leaving them partially open to create a dimensional effect.

Step Five: You can finish the hearts by gluing poker chips, vintage buttons or a silk flower in the center. I chose to take apart a silk flower and use only one layer. They were then topped with a miniature spool of thread since this is a decoration for a sewing bee. When the party is over, this will go into my sewing room which is being done in a 1930/40s theme.

To create the garland...

***Rip narrow strips of 1930s repro fabrics.
***Knot ends together leaving tails and tucking a sprig of ivy into each knot
***Staple a paper flower in the stretches between knots. Gently fold a heart back on each side of the flower and staple through flower and into fabric strip. Fold back heart to hide the staple.


Monty and Mari Beth said...

Charity, you are the MOST creative person I know! I absolutely LOVE coming to your site. The flowers, needle holder, note pads are just too cute and I know the girls will just love them! Thanks so much for caring enough to send instructions and pictures. Maybe one day I will give it a try!

Lil_Birdie said...

That's really cute :)

Leah Courtney said...

How cute, Charity. Now there's a craft I could probably do!


Shabbee Chick said...

How ca-yute!